Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP): Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Global Network

The application for the second stage of this year is available now until July 31st.

The students who are interested in TEEP are able to visit Taiwan for collecting information and having field internships for two months during summer vacation or next semester start from September.  The selected participants will have opportunities to visit the National Film Center, art galleries, museums, community cultural institutions, social movements, and the media.

For those who are willing to conduct short-term research and interviews at the beginning of this term, they can also audit the courses provided by the International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, the Institute of Social Research and Culture Studies as well as the institutes in relation to cultural and social studies in the University System of Taiwan.

Accepted Students will be given a monthly stipend of NT$10,000. Recipients are responsible for all local expenses in Taiwan.

Info :

Ms. Tu, Chiayu

jadetu0728@gmail.comfor detailed information.